Business Intelligence As A Service

What Is It?

In a nutshell – a fully hosted and maintained Business Intelligence solution. You can access it from anywhere without the overhead traditionally associated with hosting your own equipment and software.

How It Works

There are two options open to you: ‘Quick Start’ and ‘Enterprise’

Either one provides you with a great BI tool. Hosted, maintained, targeted and priced according to your needs

Quick Start

Business Intelligence As A Service RhinoIT

Ideal for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs), looking for all the tools associated with an ‘Enterprise’ solution but at a fraction of the cost.

If you’re looking for an entry into the BI world, this one is for you. Yellowfin BI Suite provides all the features you could need (see table below for more details) and a great 3 user pack to get started. Don’t worry, we can increase the user licenses as you need them.

To get going, complete our simple online form and we’ll do the rest for you!


This offering is completely tailored to your needs. The BI system has its own unique style and features but does pack some serious Business Intelligence punch.

The best way to get going is to contact us to discuss your specific requirements. There’s no hard sell, just a simple chat to discuss your requirements, and an offer of our assistance if needed.

See below table for a flavour of what you get, this is by no means everything! There are many other fantastic features, which will be disclosed when you contact us.

Basic – Quick Start Yellowfin BI for Enterprise
Yellowfin BI Hardware and Software Provisioned and Configured Yellowfin BI Hardware and Software Provisioned and Configured. AWS hosting environment.
3 Yellowfin User Accounts – free for 12 months then Buy Your Own License (BYOL) Any number of users – Annual Yellowfin License (choice of per user or server based)
Up to 3 Independent Data Sources Unlimited data sources, including a massive list of connectors, including social media and cloud based data sources.
40 GB Storage Customised storage options
Unlimited Interactive Dashboards/Reports Unlimited Interactive Dashboards/Reports. Drag and drop builder and javascript charting support
Alerts to changes as they happen Alert changes as they happen. Broadcast alerts directly to the correct users.
12 months use of Yellowfin Signals Optional use of Yellowfin Signals. Catch the information on the data you didn’t know you were looking for!
Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
Explanations, Narratives and Presentations Explanations, Narratives and Presentations
12 months use of Yellowfin Data Storytelling Optional use of Yellowfin Data Storytelling
Automated Insights Automated Insights
Embedded Workflows and Actions Embedded Workflows and Actions
Data Discovery Data Discovery
Data Preparation Data Preparation
Data Modelling Support, Maintenance and Administration Service Options
N/A Customised Professional Services – Integration, Development and Consulting
N/A White label
Business Intelligence As A Service RhinoIT Business Intelligence As A Service RhinoIT

What Is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence (BI) is the use of technology strategies and tools to analyse business information. BI tools provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations.

Every business has large amounts of data. An effective BI solution will show you as a business leader, which information you need, why you need it, and more importantly what actions are required to proactively manage your organisation.

Setting Up A BI Solution Yourself

We understand this might be a tempting thought but before you make this hasty decision, take a look at our cost comparison guide below.

Requirement Description DIY Estimate
Data Centre Bandwidth, Compute Time, Environment, Power, Redundancy, Security £4k up front + £1k per month
Hardware Servers (ETL, DWH, Vis Tool), Storage, Network, Cables, Firewall £30k up front + £1.5k monthly
Software OS, Database License, ETL, DWH, Cube?, Vis Tool License £30k up front + annual license fees
Development Initial Data Prep., Solution Implementation & Development, Ongoing Consultancy £40k up front + ongoing consultancy costs
Support System Monitoring, Backups, Maintenance, End User Support £7-8k monthly
    £100k up front. £10k + monthly and annual license fees

How We Can Help

We help you to unlock meaningful insights from your business data. By gaining a full understanding of your current and future goals, we can advise you on the best solution to fit your needs and budget.

Our team consists of specialist technicians, developers, consultants and analysts with an extensive and complementary skillset. They are on hand to assist you through each stage of the process from analysis, planning to installation and configuration.

If you already have a BI tool but not using it to its’ full potential, we will ensure you gain the best possible capability from your current implementation. This can be as simple as enriching your current dashboard and reports to better engage users. Perhaps you need help integrating the BI platform with your company website, or you may require a full end-to-end solution.

RhinoIT Solution Overview

A customer recently asked us this question:

“How do we evolve past spreadsheets, leverage their content, and start to gain real insight into our data?”

Spreadsheets are convenient and easy but the problem is version control. Pretty soon you risk data continuity and governance because there are potentially several copies of the data.

The solution is simple: Integration. By ingesting the spreadsheet data directly into a BI tool, you can be confident you have only one true source of reports.

Business Intelligence As A Service (BIaaS) is the quickest route to leverage data. To do this we harness the power of ‘the cloud’. Utilising robust extract, transform and load (ETL) procedures for copying data from one or more sources into leading edge Enterprise Data Warehouse systems.

If you prefer to host on-premise we can help you put that together. However, our hassle-free service comes with flexible contract terms and a monthly price with no up-front fees.

Advantages of Our Solution

Speed – our proven Agile BI methodology and extensive use of automation means that you start seeing results immediately

Simplicity – BI and Data Warehousing are notoriously difficult. We can take that headache away from you


Affordability – a fixed monthly rate with no upfront fees means no surprise expenditure

Quality Assurance – by managing the end-to-end solution we can ensure your service meets exacting industry standards

If you want to learn more about creating visually stunning dashboards with rich analytics and real time actionable information, please contact us.