Software Development

What Is Bespoke Development?

Essentially, any software development that has been tailored for a specific and unique purpose. An ‘off-the-shelf’ system offered by commercial vendors is usually sold as a ‘one product fits all’ solution. This may not quite fit if your organisation has complex requirements.  

We Develop Software That Fits Your Purpose

Our developers write intelligent software with code giving you real-world functionality. Technology evolves quickly because users are continually looking for new and exciting application experiences. We have the expertise to provide you with innovative tools that meet these demands.

Our Custom Application Process

Generic ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions will only restrict you. Building a custom application may feel like a big commitment but the end solution will be worth your investment.

Software Development RhinoIT


Strategic guidance from our team means that you receive a clear roadmap based on Agile project management methodology.


At the discovery stage we will delve deeply into your software concept. We pay close attention to applicable data sources and carefully consider the data insights your application will deliver.

User Experience (UX Design)

We produce ‘wireframes’ to visually guide you through the application framework. Producing step-by-step screen shots so that you have the opportunity to provide timely feedback.

User Interface (UI Design)

Your corporate branding is retained throughout the development process. We will ensure that the design of key elements meets your approval before continuing to the next stage.


By interpreting user analytics, we can identify any required software enhancements. To ensure consistent code quality we test throughout the development cycle, meaning no nasty surprises at the post development stage.


After your application has gone ‘live’ (average time 3 months), we will perform a joint performance review to evaluate application success, measured against your initial goals and Key Performance Indicators.

If you would like to find out how we can customise your data reporting software application, please contact us.