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Rhino Analytics is a UK based data solutions consultancy that will
empower you to make better business decisions

Learn how a data analytics solution can address your industry pain points, reduce operational costs and minimise risks

Confidently grow your business with us

We equip your data champions with best-fit tools

Move away from instinct-driven to
fact-based decision making

The right business intelligence solution has the capacity to create a data-driven culture that will drive profits and satisfy customers. Rhino Analytics can show you how.

Establish a robust data management process

We'll help you build and implement a business information solution that will help reduce lengthy preparation. The result? More time to spend analysing your KPIs and other business-related metrics.

Organise, standardise and structure your data

Only an integrated business intelligence solution can provide you with a snapshot of your business in real time. Fully understand your current information and which sources need to work collaboratively. A clean up exercise will ensure your analytics software digests it effectively.

Use best-fit tools for quick access and smart analysis

Use your business intelligence solution to make your data more readable for managers, executives, and general business users. Impress them with stunning dashboard visualisations and rich, actionable analytics.

Keep your data secure

Everything you need in one place: Your business intelligence solution's dahsboard will provide you with once source of truth using industry leading encryption and real-time access monitoring capabilities.

Transform Data Into Insight RhinoIT
Transform Data Into Insight RhinoIT
Transform Data Into Insight RhinoIT

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Transform Data Into Insight RhinoIT

Yellowfin Business Intelligence

Analytics made simple. Build beautiful dashboards that drive action, tell compelling stories with data and monitor your business in real time automatically.

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Transform Data Into Insight RhinoIT

Deltek Project Information Management (PIM)

Save time with easy access to project emails, documents and drawings in one central location – reducing corporate risk and improving team collaboration.

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