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Take flight or gain ground

As an organisation that attempts to keep pace with emerging trends, your constant consideration will be how to best manage software technologies, and where to access them. Currently, you have two options:

1) Cloud/SaaS – online services hosted by third parties. There are many advantages to this model such as predictable/affordable costs, up-to-date software and freeing up in-house IT resource.

2) On Premise – onsite hardware with dedicated IT resource. You remain in complete control of data security and compliance. Deciding on how systems are configured and when upgrades/changes take place. Improved business continuity with less reliance on internet connectivity and other external factors.

Regardless of approach, you are moments away from achieving robust Business Intelligence solutions. Working alongside your reporting team, our BI experts offer simple steps to creating effective reports, views and dashboards using Rhino Data Insights.

For meaningful data insights and a full 361 business view – because we always go that little bit extra! 

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