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Transforming PIM


Enhancing Project Information Management systems with smart analytics

MILTON KEYNES – 12 May 2021 – RhinoIT Business Intelligence Solutions, a technology company helping organisations transform data into insight, is delighted to announce their partnership with Deltek, the leading global provider of enterprise software and solutions for project-based businesses.

Deltek Project Information Management (PIM) is a solution for architecture, engineering, and construction firms to access project information in one central location saving time with easy access to project emails, documents, and drawings. The central location aids in reducing corporate risk and improving team collaboration.

RhinoIT already work with customers who have deployed PIM. Together they have successfully built smart and agile data reporting systems, tailored to unique requirements and providing real-world functionality. Becoming a Deltek partner will further enhance RhinoIT’s service capability, making it possible to offer specialist knowledge in PIM.

“By combining leading edge technology with specialist Business Intelligence expertise, our goal is to help organisations drive meaningful change,” said Carl Edwards, CEO of RhinoIT. “We can help clients enhance existing report systems by transferring PIM data into their BI tool, and release constraints to include additional sources of data.” 

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Analytics Big Data Business Intelligence Data Insights Data Visualisation Digital Transformation

Insights that find you

Rhino Data Insights (RDI) is our full suite Business Intelligence platform with automated insights and smart analytics. A ‘one-stop’ integrated solution with Yellowfin at its core.

Our BI experts have built up practical ‘know-how’ on what works. We love sharing these valuable lessons with clients and have proven that any BI infrastructure can be up and running in 5 steps.

RDI tried and tested process of transforming data into insight:

  1. Discover – establish BI needs and map out effective strategy
  2. Identify – connect with key stakeholders to ensure successful implementation
  3. Structure – configure the appropriate BI environment (cloud/on premise)
  4. Systems – understand data sources and ensure they work collaboratively
  5. Implement – continue to monitor effectiveness and plan out further enhancements as and when necessary.

In our previous post Build meaningful data we explained how many UK construction companies are already working with us to release the full potential of their BI software. These companies, like so many, use large amounts of data.

To pick out every single insight can be a complex and time-consuming challenge. RDI can help solve this issue!

RDI incorporates a fantastic feature called ‘Signals’. Our BI experts can advise you on how to make use of machine learning and AI to further enhance your data analysis.

Signals is a standalone product that can work alongside your existing BI tool and provides reasoning behind obscure data findings. It automatically monitors your data so that you know when and why important changes happen to your business. Combined with actionable dashboards you can make more informed decisions.

For the known – you can receive notifications for custom alert conditions when threshold values are hit.

For the unknown – Signals uses automation and AI to trawl your data for statistically significant changes, notifying you of the ones that are relevant.

Trend changes, period comparisons, sudden spikes, dips and other outlier metrics come complete with plain English explanations. With additional analysis on correlated data changes that help you quickly get to the root cause.

There’s no need to build a report or dashboard to track every possible data combination – just point Signals directly at your data source –  and let insights find you!

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